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I Never Asked to Play: A Look at Sansa Stark and Historia Reiss.




I am writing this just a few days after the season four premier of “Game of Thrones” and just a few hours after reading the most recent “Attack on Titan” chapter. For quite a number of reasons Historia and her story make me think of Sansa quite often. So I wanted to lay out my thoughts in regards to these two and how I think they relate to each other.

Major spoilers for both series ahead.

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Game of the Thrones - Two Swords - Thoughts

So….that hour went by fast. All I could think was that Benioff and Weiss have gotten much more to the point already (plot-wise) than they already did most of last season. Several characters not seen were brought back because they are needed (like Ser Dontos), several characters whose backstory have been sidestepped was brought to the fore (like Elia Martell and her son and daughter). 

I really like the casting of Oberyn and Ellaria (well Indira Varma was a given - she’s been smokin’ since Kama Sutra). Remember those who questioned the Oberyn casting? Yeah…

Not so sure about the new Daario though. He seems too nice and not douchey. Which normally is a good thing, right? But Daario is a braggart, obnoxious and a douche (with blue hair but whatever). The other actor gave off those vibes so that show watcher (like book readers) should wonder why Dany would be interested in him (except the fact he’s the only young guy in her company who’s not castrated).

Been awhile since I read the books but I don’t think Brienne was in KL when Sansa was still there, was she? Because one would think given HER oaths to Catelyn that she would have transferred her loyalties to Sansa and be HER sworn sword. By Jaime’s own words they have been back for weeks But no, she expect Jaime to go against his father and take his new sister-in-law and spirit her to where? Lannisters do not operate like that - even Brienne knows that. She’s not dumb.

God, I hated what was done to Ice. I hated it in the books (when we just told after the fact) and hated actually seeing it. The show really is stressing the Lannisters really pushing it in the face of the defeated Starks from Joffrey’s statue to Tywin’s…everything. And then Tyrion asks the girl who was forced to marry him (a Lannister) if he (a member of the family that is crowing about murdering her family) can do anything? Really?

Maisie Williams is terrific though. Honors of the night go to her. I was transfixed by her eyes throughout that scene. They were glowing with hatred, revenge, all sorts of things and then in that pivotal moment they became….dead. Just dead. As dead as Poliver. 

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your protector

{for sansa, haunted by robb’s ghost}

01.winter-daughter’re a wolf-sea wolf 03.your protector-fleet foxes 04.dust to dust-the civil wars 05.i met up with a king-first aid kit flies-ben howard 07.cold-aqualung and lucy schwartzf 08.early winter-gwen stefani 09.i’ll hold my breath-ellie goulding 10.wolf and i-oh land 11.rome-susanne sundfor


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