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The third and fourth pages of Fsbot’s Cassandra Cain versus Scarecrow mini comic colored by myself. Last we left her, she’s been gassed with Fear toxin! Not one-hundred percent done, but almost? Let me know what you think! First two colored pages of short comic here. Click above picture for HQ.


Here are the scenes in clockwise order, starting from the bottom left:

-Cassandra’s first kill as a child and when she first understood death. She killed the man by digging her fingers into his neck and ripping out his throat.

-The “death” of Stephanie Brown.

-Lady Shiva. This was a little difficult, because there’s no official look for Shiva. She used to be white, now she’s asian. Her hair changes and she has no official outfit.

-Deathstroke with the drug he used to manipulate Cass.

-Evil Cass, killing some poor lady

-Abandonment issues.

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