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Ollie Queen piles on the charm by attempting to murder Cass for her numerous murders whilst brainwashed… apparently the hypocrisy of this course of action (particularly has Ollie has both killed people in the past while in control of his faculities and would go on to kill others in the future) doesn’t occur to Mr Queen.

Particularly baffling is that this isn’t the first team that Cass and Ollie were together on, as they were both in JLElite together back in the day. Hell, I’m pretty sure he was the one Bruce told Cass’ secret to at the time as well.

From Batman and the Outsiders

Can we also include the fact that Ollie voted to mindwipe Bruce and lied about it (to Bruce’s face) or years and years (an incident which somehow only stuck to Zatanna). I figure that means Ollie owes Bruce FOREVER.

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Part 2 of Detective Comics #790 for Cassandra Cain Appreciation Month.

You should see what I mean by now about this being an amazing Cass and Bruce, issue. Him taking her to Jason’s grave was a huge gesture, even if its a bit tainted by the issues I mentioned in my previous posts.

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Father’s Day Photoset: Bruce & Cass

Okay. We knew I was going to have to talk about Cass and Bruce.

I adore these two and this relationship. Everyone makes a big to-do (and rightfully so) about the special dynamic that each Bat Kid added to the Bat Family through their introduction. Dick literally saved the soul of Bruce Wayne; Barbara invigorated the will and need for Batman; Jason taught Bruce more than any of the others about being a father; Tim reminded Bruce about the necessity of a partner; Steph gave Bruce a look into raw willpower; Damian gave Bruce a mirror to look through. 

But we so often as a fandom find it hard to equate what Cass brought to the family through these simple terms. Perhaps because, like so much with Cass, it seems to be beyond words.

But Cass, from the beginning, was a symbol. She was the embodiment of Bruce’s mission, and she reminded him more than any other before her that the heart of Batman is ultimately, decisively human. She taught him that while tragedy can bear a certain strength, choosing to live beyond it is more powerful and more inspiring.

Cass embodied what Bruce always wanted Batman to stand for. And she provided him the chance to be a father again when, for so long after Jason, he couldn’t manage to think of doing so.

That’s why I love Cassandra. That’s why Bruce loved Cassandra. And that’s why you can’t leap over her time in his history, because Tim opened the door for partners again, but Cass opened Bruce’s heart to a family.

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Batman: Gotham Adventures(1997-2003)#54

"He stands, high above his city. It has all led to this one moment. He breathes deeply, filing his lungs with the oxygen necessary to fulfill his task. But there is more to the act than — than simple physical need. As he breathes in the scent of his city, tasting its unique odor, imbibing its aroma, he becomes. He becomes one with the city. He becomes Gotham. It holds no secrets from him. He knows all it knows. Its needs, its desires its — Its needs, its desires, its every little wish. And he knows that he is — he is the answer to it all."

I swear I have read comics where this was all said unironically. And that is why it almost makes me cry laughing every time I read this issue. Just… just oh my god.

If I ever wrote something remotely like this, I am counting on you all to stop me. Through any means necessary.

Bruce Wayne & Gotham=OTP

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Batgirl (2000-2006) #48

"I cant allow anyone to jeopardize the mission, Cassandra. Even you. I—I’m sorry.”


Why are you so bad at this? Why couldn’t you tell her the truth — that her recklessness and past has made you reconsider how you’ve approached her time as Batgirl? That you’re trying to support Babs’ attempts to get her to try new things, to make a life for herself?

That she could possibly be Batgirl again in the future once she’s recovered and the two of you have worked out something compromising?


Damn it, Bruce.

This all gets resolved to a satisfying degree or else this rant post would be a thousand times longer. But, let me assure you, I’m still just as upset in reading this again as I was the first time I read it XD I just… I hate when this stuff is pulled.

But it’s not “OOC” for Bruce when compared to similar shit he’s pulled with every single one of the Bat Kids to various degrees. You could basically make a congo line to the times Bruce pulled shit over on Tim.

I just wonder why no one’s ever brought up to Bruce that he did this very thing — taking the costume and benching the kids — and that’swhat led to Jason getting killed. Not the initial recklessness.

But whatever. This issue’s depressed me all over again XD

Sometimes I really wonder how the kinder, gentler less assholish Bruce we saw during Morrison’s run and then Snyder’s would have dealt with Cass (and remember Cass and Bruce never shared a single panel let along words after he came back from the dead).

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