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Jasika: “Um…let’s see, what happens? We complain about how tired we are, and then we congregate around the food, and we laugh and we snack, and we tell jokes. Um…we come up with nicknames for each other, of course. I’m the littlest Bishop here. But in real life I’m the littlest Noble. I’m the littlest John Noble.” *laughs*

Jasika: “We’re a big happy family.”

John: “Cheeky Sausage.”

Jasika: “Che…that’s my nickname now, it’s Cheeky Sausage. He came up with that.”

Interviewer: “When he couldn’t remember your name, or…?”

Jasika: “No, this is in real life, he calls me Cheeky Sausage. *laughs* I blame it on the fact that he’s Australian.”

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“Fringe is a love story about a man who loved a boy so much he broke the universe to save him, and it’s about that boy learning to love a man he grew up hating. It’s about two people drawn together by forces that transcend worlds, and falling in love. It’s a story about love strong enough to break the world, and strong enough to heal it.”

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Altlivia: Must be hard to develop trust in people when all you’ve got is yourself, must get terribly lonely.
Olivia: Just because you walked in my shoes, don’t you think for a moment that you know me.
Altlivia: Yeah, keep telling yourself that.

 She seriously has the best facial expressions in all of television. Should have won an Emmy for that alone.

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