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COMIC BOOK MEME - Top Five Female Characters

Why Black Bat? To me, Cassandra was always the mos interesting of the Batgirls. She breaks the mold of young female superheroes in more than one way. She isn’t dealing with the “trying to balance a normal life with my superheroing” that Steph, Barbara and most other teenage superheroes are shown dealing with, because she simply doesn’t care about that kind of stuff - she’s a protector first and formost. While there was still a lot of stuff about her proving herself to Bruce, it was never the focus of her character arc because it was always clear she could beat him and all his batboys five ways to Sunday (shut up Tim “I’m not using any fighting style” Drake that was a stupid story line). And like a lot of my other favorite female characters, she isn’t trying to be nice or palatable or easy for people to understand, but unlike a lot of the other women on this list, she still manages to come across as sweet and loving anyway.

I know a lot of people find Steph the Batgirl who it was easiest to relate to, but for me it was always Cass. I’m not an optimistic, always-looking-for-the-good, desperate-for-approval Steph person, I’m an awkward, quiet perfectionist like Cass. Despite the fact that she was a super-scary ninja who was raised to be a weapon and barely talks, she’s an incredibly human character. She’s vulnerable and she’s strong and she’s seeking approval but also really doesn’t give a fuck about Bruce’s opinion and she’s unsure of herself but she’s competent as hell. Cassandra Cain is a perfect example of writing a complex woman who manages to be more than just a “strong female character”, and she’s my absolute favorite comic lady of all time. 

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Todd Hiett’s Big Idea- BLACK BAT AND SPOILER: 

First, it’s so damned obvious as a great modern analogy to Batman and Robin. Two women whose connection is being raised by bad people and turning to the Bat-legacy. One’s experienced and world class, the other is a great fighter with an indomitable will to win. One is dark and emotionally vulnerable, and one is light and optimistic. They both worry about each other, and also in-fight like real sisters.

In plain-clothes, Cass is aloof and somewhat clumsy. Steph is totally boy-crazy and is also very appreciated by men-folk. Both worry and drive each other mad as a result. I see them as world-travelers on the Batman payroll, fronting as young auditors on the Wayne International scene, allowing them to cross borders with regularity. Their primary objective is dismantling and unmasking sects such as League of Assassins (a personal mission for Cass), KOBRA, and such. Sometimes, the goings-on at Wayne Intl. wind up complicit in their cases.

Also in my world, they have a traveling partner, Zinda Blake, their pilot. Bruce has recruited “Lady Blackhawk”, whom he met during his young globe-trotting days, not just to fly them around but also to watch their backs and work in the mobile crime-lab and serve as a maternal Alfred figure to them.

Better idea than anything DC Editorial has ever come up with.

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