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Warm-up sketch - was doing another warm up sketch and it somehow turned into Cass…. so I went with it. And it made me think about her and David Cain in Batman: Bruce Wayne Fugitive. I love the scene where she’s talking to him in the prison. "You kill again… I kill you"

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Batgirl (2000-2006) Annual #1

"Exactly. When even the police ignore their… our plight, what is there to do? Who is there for them?”

The implication here, given Cass’ smile in the last panel, is that Aruna will take up the cause for herself. Which, would have been great — Indian superheroes, or Asian heroes in general — are something I really think needs to be seen. After all, India alone has 17.5%of the world population. Off the top of my head, I can only think of 2 DC heroes who are Indian.

But… as far as I’ve ever been able to find out, Aruna only appears in this issue. Which is a shame.

Had people cared, Aruna could have been a very interesting callback character to bring into Cass’ later world trek, or even to Batman Incorporated rather than shoving Cass — a Eurasian woman who only knew English — to Hong Kong for Batman Inc. in a shockingly racist display by the DC execs.

But, we didn’t get that. Unfortunately :T

The Batman of Hong Kong thing was something completely pulled out of Morrison’s behind and was straight-up racist (though since its Morrison we can’t say that). Lady Shiva was from Detroit, Cain was from parts unknown but as heck wasn’t HK, Cass must have been raised somewhere in the Western Hemisphere since she found herself in Gotham all on her own with no language skills or identity papers. She had NO connection to Hong Kong other than her biological mother being of Chinese ancestry. That’s it. That’s the only justification. 

Even Shiva being of Chinese descent is kind of here and there, what with Gail Simone writing her as being from… Thailand, I think it was? Vietnam maybe? It’s been a while since I read the story, where Dinah picked up Sin.

I think that the vague justification was that the place where Cass ran away from her father after he made her kill someone was Macau, which is geographically close to Hong Kong (the opposite side of the Pearl River Delta), and considering she was shown growing up on the streets in South East Asia within her own series… the arguement could be made that she was at least familiar with Hong Kong and the surrounding area due to her travels, even if she didn’t know the language.

Still a stupid, vaguely racist decision (however well intentioned it might have been, Morrison apparently was a fan of Cass and wanted to her to get a defined role in Batman Inc after being left out in the cold for so long, and being the representative of Bruce in the entirety of South East Asia is certainly pretty impressive) though, as I have a feeling that it just justified WHY Cass wasn’t being used by some of the DC staff at the time.

Like, “Of Cass couldn’t be involved in all these crossovers, she’s got Macau, Hong Kong and the entire Golden Triangle to worry about!”.

I’m dubious about Morrison being a fan of Cass. He basically ran the direction of the Batman titles for almost a decade and wrote the flagship title itself and bragged about all his continuity porn in his run and how often did Cass as Batgirl have a speaking role in any of this Batman run? Zero. Literally she appeared a handful of times over years and years, had no interaction with Bruce whatsoever (nor did she when she was introduced as Black Bat - in fact Cass never shared a scene with Bruce to this day since Adam Beechan’s mini-series) and never spoke or given anything to do. Alfred, Barbara, Dick, Tim, even Jason (who Morrison devoted two arcs too) but Cass? Nada. And she was still officially Batgirl for the majority of his run.

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COMIC BOOK MEME - Top Five Female Characters

Why Black Bat? To me, Cassandra was always the mos interesting of the Batgirls. She breaks the mold of young female superheroes in more than one way. She isn’t dealing with the “trying to balance a normal life with my superheroing” that Steph, Barbara and most other teenage superheroes are shown dealing with, because she simply doesn’t care about that kind of stuff - she’s a protector first and formost. While there was still a lot of stuff about her proving herself to Bruce, it was never the focus of her character arc because it was always clear she could beat him and all his batboys five ways to Sunday (shut up Tim “I’m not using any fighting style” Drake that was a stupid story line). And like a lot of my other favorite female characters, she isn’t trying to be nice or palatable or easy for people to understand, but unlike a lot of the other women on this list, she still manages to come across as sweet and loving anyway.

I know a lot of people find Steph the Batgirl who it was easiest to relate to, but for me it was always Cass. I’m not an optimistic, always-looking-for-the-good, desperate-for-approval Steph person, I’m an awkward, quiet perfectionist like Cass. Despite the fact that she was a super-scary ninja who was raised to be a weapon and barely talks, she’s an incredibly human character. She’s vulnerable and she’s strong and she’s seeking approval but also really doesn’t give a fuck about Bruce’s opinion and she’s unsure of herself but she’s competent as hell. Cassandra Cain is a perfect example of writing a complex woman who manages to be more than just a “strong female character”, and she’s my absolute favorite comic lady of all time. 

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