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Batman: No Man’s Land
Detective Comics
(1937-2011) #734

"Hold on! I’ve got you."

I wonder how many fellow anime fans out there can’t read this scene without “Ballad of Fallen Angels” playing in their mind. omg just thinking about it makes me get chills all over!

On a more relevant note, this actually becomes a bit of an establishing moment for the relationships between these three characters. Cain clings to Cassandra and genuinely wants to save her, but the only thing he can offer her is the lifestyle and trauma she has already suffered at his hands. Cassandra chooses death and forcefully ejects herself from Cain, no matter how much genuine love as a father and daughter they might share.

She’s also only saved by Bruce, and more specifically Batman. Which, of course, establishes a deep rooted hatred and jealousy from Cain who has lost the only family he has ever allowed himself to have to Bruce’s world.

Still get chills

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Batman: Gotham Adventures(1997-2003)#54

"He stands, high above his city. It has all led to this one moment. He breathes deeply, filing his lungs with the oxygen necessary to fulfill his task. But there is more to the act than — than simple physical need. As he breathes in the scent of his city, tasting its unique odor, imbibing its aroma, he becomes. He becomes one with the city. He becomes Gotham. It holds no secrets from him. He knows all it knows. Its needs, its desires its — Its needs, its desires, its every little wish. And he knows that he is — he is the answer to it all."

I swear I have read comics where this was all said unironically. And that is why it almost makes me cry laughing every time I read this issue. Just… just oh my god.

If I ever wrote something remotely like this, I am counting on you all to stop me. Through any means necessary.

Bruce Wayne & Gotham=OTP

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Who is the Most Important Female Character in Batman’s History?


This is Batman’s 75th year as a superhero and to celebrate DC Comics had declared July 23 “Batman Day.” As part of the celebration and as the #1 comics blog with the words “DC and Women” in its name, I am also going to celebrate on the 23. And what better way than to name the most important female in Batman’s history.

But who that women is will not be my choice - it will be yours!


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Hit reply too soon but my list would have to be:

1. Selina Kyle (the most prominent female figure in the Batman mythos).

2. Barbara Gordon (the trendsetter for non-villians)

3. Martha Kane Wayne (the reason for it all and a more interesting character than Thomas Wayne IMO)

4. Cassandra Cain (the most prominent WOC in Batman history, the only adopted daughter of the Bat, created to diversify the comics and be someone new and segued into her own identity without EVER becoming a Robin)

5. Harley Quin (proof positive that a non-comics characters can be become so iconic and so important in a small amount of time that not only does the comic universe adopt her but she becomes one of DC’s most recognizable and marketable properties)

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Martha Wayne - Beloved Wife and Mother

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this fabulous woman who seems to always be forgotten? She used her family’s wealth and status to champion causes and charities. She headed an agency thats goal was to stop abuse against children. Not to mention, she was a wonderful, loving mother.

Martha Wayne, everybody.

Happy Mothers Day. T_T

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Batgirl (2000-2006) Annual #1

"Exactly. When even the police ignore their… our plight, what is there to do? Who is there for them?”

The implication here, given Cass’ smile in the last panel, is that Aruna will take up the cause for herself. Which, would have been great — Indian superheroes, or Asian heroes in general — are something I really think needs to be seen. After all, India alone has 17.5%of the world population. Off the top of my head, I can only think of 2 DC heroes who are Indian.

But… as far as I’ve ever been able to find out, Aruna only appears in this issue. Which is a shame.

Had people cared, Aruna could have been a very interesting callback character to bring into Cass’ later world trek, or even to Batman Incorporated rather than shoving Cass — a Eurasian woman who only knew English — to Hong Kong for Batman Inc. in a shockingly racist display by the DC execs.

But, we didn’t get that. Unfortunately :T

The Batman of Hong Kong thing was something completely pulled out of Morrison’s behind and was straight-up racist (though since its Morrison we can’t say that). Lady Shiva was from Detroit, Cain was from parts unknown but as heck wasn’t HK, Cass must have been raised somewhere in the Western Hemisphere since she found herself in Gotham all on her own with no language skills or identity papers. She had NO connection to Hong Kong other than her biological mother being of Chinese ancestry. That’s it. That’s the only justification. 

Even Shiva being of Chinese descent is kind of here and there, what with Gail Simone writing her as being from… Thailand, I think it was? Vietnam maybe? It’s been a while since I read the story, where Dinah picked up Sin.

I think that the vague justification was that the place where Cass ran away from her father after he made her kill someone was Macau, which is geographically close to Hong Kong (the opposite side of the Pearl River Delta), and considering she was shown growing up on the streets in South East Asia within her own series… the arguement could be made that she was at least familiar with Hong Kong and the surrounding area due to her travels, even if she didn’t know the language.

Still a stupid, vaguely racist decision (however well intentioned it might have been, Morrison apparently was a fan of Cass and wanted to her to get a defined role in Batman Inc after being left out in the cold for so long, and being the representative of Bruce in the entirety of South East Asia is certainly pretty impressive) though, as I have a feeling that it just justified WHY Cass wasn’t being used by some of the DC staff at the time.

Like, “Of Cass couldn’t be involved in all these crossovers, she’s got Macau, Hong Kong and the entire Golden Triangle to worry about!”.

I’m dubious about Morrison being a fan of Cass. He basically ran the direction of the Batman titles for almost a decade and wrote the flagship title itself and bragged about all his continuity porn in his run and how often did Cass as Batgirl have a speaking role in any of this Batman run? Zero. Literally she appeared a handful of times over years and years, had no interaction with Bruce whatsoever (nor did she when she was introduced as Black Bat - in fact Cass never shared a scene with Bruce to this day since Adam Beechan’s mini-series) and never spoke or given anything to do. Alfred, Barbara, Dick, Tim, even Jason (who Morrison devoted two arcs too) but Cass? Nada. And she was still officially Batgirl for the majority of his run.

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Batgirl (2000-2006) #48

"I cant allow anyone to jeopardize the mission, Cassandra. Even you. I—I’m sorry.”


Why are you so bad at this? Why couldn’t you tell her the truth — that her recklessness and past has made you reconsider how you’ve approached her time as Batgirl? That you’re trying to support Babs’ attempts to get her to try new things, to make a life for herself?

That she could possibly be Batgirl again in the future once she’s recovered and the two of you have worked out something compromising?


Damn it, Bruce.

This all gets resolved to a satisfying degree or else this rant post would be a thousand times longer. But, let me assure you, I’m still just as upset in reading this again as I was the first time I read it XD I just… I hate when this stuff is pulled.

But it’s not “OOC” for Bruce when compared to similar shit he’s pulled with every single one of the Bat Kids to various degrees. You could basically make a congo line to the times Bruce pulled shit over on Tim.

I just wonder why no one’s ever brought up to Bruce that he did this very thing — taking the costume and benching the kids — and that’swhat led to Jason getting killed. Not the initial recklessness.

But whatever. This issue’s depressed me all over again XD

Sometimes I really wonder how the kinder, gentler less assholish Bruce we saw during Morrison’s run and then Snyder’s would have dealt with Cass (and remember Cass and Bruce never shared a single panel let along words after he came back from the dead).

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Batgirl (2000-2006) #43

Yeah, by the way, don’t touch Bruce’s kids. It ends badly for you.

He will literally put a burlap sack over your head and then beat you.

And for once, I’ll actually defend Cass being this vulnerable to an attack. Remember, Black Wind’s a meta with… well, wind powers it’s reasonable to assume. It is my interpretation that that’s what hitting Cass with those motion lines are. Because I refuse to believe anyone writing a Batgirl book would have Cassandra Cain bitch slapped into a wall.


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