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Batgirl (2000-2006) #48

"I cant allow anyone to jeopardize the mission, Cassandra. Even you. I—I’m sorry.”


Why are you so bad at this? Why couldn’t you tell her the truth — that her recklessness and past has made you reconsider how you’ve approached her time as Batgirl? That you’re trying to support Babs’ attempts to get her to try new things, to make a life for herself?

That she could possibly be Batgirl again in the future once she’s recovered and the two of you have worked out something compromising?


Damn it, Bruce.

This all gets resolved to a satisfying degree or else this rant post would be a thousand times longer. But, let me assure you, I’m still just as upset in reading this again as I was the first time I read it XD I just… I hate when this stuff is pulled.

But it’s not “OOC” for Bruce when compared to similar shit he’s pulled with every single one of the Bat Kids to various degrees. You could basically make a congo line to the times Bruce pulled shit over on Tim.

I just wonder why no one’s ever brought up to Bruce that he did this very thing — taking the costume and benching the kids — and that’swhat led to Jason getting killed. Not the initial recklessness.

But whatever. This issue’s depressed me all over again XD

Sometimes I really wonder how the kinder, gentler less assholish Bruce we saw during Morrison’s run and then Snyder’s would have dealt with Cass (and remember Cass and Bruce never shared a single panel let along words after he came back from the dead).

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Batgirl (2000-2006) #43

Yeah, by the way, don’t touch Bruce’s kids. It ends badly for you.

He will literally put a burlap sack over your head and then beat you.

And for once, I’ll actually defend Cass being this vulnerable to an attack. Remember, Black Wind’s a meta with… well, wind powers it’s reasonable to assume. It is my interpretation that that’s what hitting Cass with those motion lines are. Because I refuse to believe anyone writing a Batgirl book would have Cassandra Cain bitch slapped into a wall.


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Batgirl (2000-2006) #29

"No. No, he couldn’t. Not the man I know."

And… this really is another failing on the writing end here. 

It works within the context of this issue, but not the story as a whole. Dick and Cass came to the Manor for empirical evidence proving Bruce’s innocence in the Vesper Fairchild case. They find some vague clues, of course, and acting out the attack and murder helps generate a new perspective on the crimes via Cass, but the ultimate conclusion ends up being “Bruce didn’t do it because I know he couldn’t have done it.”

Which is… the exact same dilemma we had at the beginning of the issue.

I still love the interaction between Dick and Cass, as well as the creative ways they tested out other possibilities for how Vesper was murdered, but this sequence makes it all feel like it was meant to prove whether or not they believed someone of Bruce’s character could commit such a terrible crime. And that wasn’t even the problem to begin with.

Also didn’t work because these are two characters (Cass and Dick) who were utterly convinced Bruce didn’t do it from the get-go. Now if you said Tim and Barbara (who stated they had doubts because of the way Bruce was acting) would re-enact this scene I would say maybe but Cass and Dick? No. More fail for the storyline.

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Batgirl (2000-2006) #24

Hahaha I was so tense the first time I read this, even knowing how good Cass was at her job. All I can think about is her breaking into that government facility and giving Babs a near heart attack.

Keep in mind, of course, that this is at the height of Cass’ recklessness. Her duel with Shiva is literally the next issue.

I have a hard time taking anything from Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive seriously. The cops (who were all prominent characters) were horribly incompetent (well the writing was - and it was Rucka and Brubaker!). For instance, Bruce - who had the public support of the mayor of Gotham and the then President of the U.S Lex Luthor -  was arrested on circumstantial evidence by Crispus and Renee within hours and housed with the worst of the prison population (something that would NEVER happen with someone of Bruce’s wealth and power). Sasha was arrested and likewise put into a tough prison population where she was “killed” (and she was still there when Bruce was cleared!) even though nobody on the police had any evidence on her and even offered to drop all charges against her if she turned on Bruce. Bruce was arrested on the charges of rape and murder and yet by the time he was brought to trial the rape charges were dropped because there was no proof Vesper Fairchild had been sexually assaulted. So why the charge? When Bruce escaped, Maggie gave Crispus the OK to harass and follow Alfred (though they had no evidence Alf knew where Bruce was) as if Alfred wasn’t a private citizen. They NEVER interviewed any other suspect for Vesper’s murder but Bruce - they never even questioned Dick Grayson - you know the cop from Bludhaven who could have known how to falsify evidence, Bruce’s heir if he should go to jail and who had no alibi for the night. Then you have the scene with Renee Montoya and Commissioner Aiken (the Commissioner of Police!) shooting the breeze with both of them admitting they didn’t think Wayne was guilty…and Renee was the arresting officer!

It was badly done all around (with no satisfactory conclusion - Bruce didn’t even sue for false arrest or for Sasha’s “death” or the abuse he suffered in jail). So the idea Cass can just lounge around Wayne Manor while the entire Gotham P.D. is searching the place is par for the course.

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Really long post about Barbara and Cassandra in the new 52


DC’s excuse for why they made Barbara Batgirl and benched Cass and Steph is that Barbara is the most iconic Batgirl. Now it’s true that Barbara was iconic as Batgirl, but she was better and more important to people in the real world as Oracle. 

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Read this. 100% my feelings as well. This “one and only” “iconic” Batgirl B.S. in a company that gave us 4 black-haired male Robins in the “new 52” is annoying beyond belief. 

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