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- Bruce Wayne: Fugitive/Batman #605

The family discusses some thoughts about who could be the person behind the clever framing.

It really wasn’t that clever. If Bruce hadn’t been a dick he could have figured it out in a day. To tell the truth, Murderer/Fugitive is a pretty rubbish story and the “mystery” is not well written (and Bruce pretty much went back to acting like a jerkass not long after). Not Brubaker or Rucka’s finest hours at DC.

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asleeponabench asked ...
What are your favorite Cassandra Cain quotes or her quotes that you think encapsulate who she is?
... and I answered



This is just an awesome question! I love it : ) Thank you for asking!!!

"Sorry, Shiva. I don’t kill… but I don’t lose either.”
Batgirl (2000-2006) #8

I talk about this quote a lot, I think, but only because I truly believe it deserves it. It is the very quote that changed my relationship with Cassandra and my understanding of her character.

What it encapsulates is a dedication. A personal oath. This is Cass’ declaration of purpose in direct parallel to Bruce’s own declaration of War on Crime. The difference is, Bruce sees the enemy externally. He declares he will make the world better so that a child like he was wouldn’t suffer again. Cass is internally reflecting: the only thing she can control is herself, and that is precisely what she aims to do.

"Yes. He is. But… you’renot. Okay?”Batgirl (2000-2006) #16

This is from a storyline where Cass helps apprehend the very father a young boy asked her to help save.

It reveals an understanding from Cass — as she was in the same position as the boy, though she personally sees herself as having lost her innocence whereas the boy hasn’t yet. But more than that this is a feature of Cassandra’s compassion. Which I will stand forever by the fact that compassion is the single most important attribute to Cass’ character.

"No. Not you. This.
Batgirl (2000-2006) #50

I find that I’m a lot more affectionate toward Horrocks’ run than most — it’s the run of her series that I started out with years ago and was the basis for how I saw Cass for a long time before getting a hold of the back issues and trades for what came before. But I hold that Cass’ statement here — this statement of her loyalty to what Batman stands for rather than the very fallible man himself encapsulates Cass’ independence and her right for the mantle of Batman.

I mean, Cass really is one of the most quotable heroes in comics. I love quotes. I love Cass. I love Cass quotes. There’s so many more I could just go on and on about (“You can change. You can.” "Instinct. That’s… who you are." "Am I volving?""Nobody dies tonight." "Terror. Then… nothing." "I see you, Shiva.” “Don’t worry. I’m… a detective.” “I’m not perfect anymore. Take the words away… and give me back my skills.” “Don’t… talk to me like that. Like I’m stupid.” — this is a dangerous door you’ve opened), but unfortunately (or fortunately, really) I don’t have time to get all of them

These three are probably my favorite most consistently, though.

And. Y’know. “You bet your sweet patootie!”

Other favorite quotes include what others say about Cass:

Bruce: “Batgirl is a phenomenon” - Robin 88

Alfred: “You have achieved more in your few short years as Batgirl than many costumed heroes manage in a lifetime. You have saved countless lives, brought justice to the wicked and helped the city regain hope during the most difficult time in its history.” - Batgirl 43

Bronze Tiger: “We made you a warrior. You made yourself a hero” - Batgirl 67

Lady Shiva: “Heroes are forever…the rest of us are just part of the story.” - Batgirl 71

I think the Bronze Tiger personifies who Cass is better than anything else. She was born to be a weapon, a warrior, but she made HERSELF a hero. If I was rebooting Cass and giving her a title thats the tag line I would use to sell her to an audience.


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Favorites from Batgirl v1 #6 2000-09 digital

Batgirl Stopping A Thug’s Heart 1, 2
Batman to Batgirl: “Don’t Teach Him Any Lessons”
Bullets Can’t Stop Cass 1, 2, 3
Cassandra Cain: “Instinct…”

Batgirl #6 is fantastic for showing Cassandra’s intensity for no one dying, even thugs and mercenaries who will recklessly kill their own.

When she’s punishing a thug by temporarily stopping his heart, Batman tries to intervene but Batgirl throws up her palm at him as if she’s yelling “wait!” And then she restarts the thugs heart to end the lesson.

And with the mercenaries, she runs at a gunner who was carelessly shooting at her when his partner was behind her in the line of fire. Cass purposely takes 4 shots to save the other merc and then disarms the gunner before passing out.

And why? She says “Instinct…” as Batman beams in approval. Perfect Cass Cain!

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So Misfit makes a brief Cameo in New 52 Batgirl 34…
















Snyder wants Cass in Issue 1 of the reboot: Can’t have her. Snyder wants Cass in an important storyline he’s created just for her (just like Gates of Gotham was originally a Cass-story). DC says no. Harper Row is created to take her place. Fine.

Stephanie Brown s brought back due to fan pressure. Returned as Spoiler, backstory intact (though her history is gone). Understandable. Cass is next right?


JULIA FRIGGIN’ PENNYWORTH is brought back from the 80s Bronze Age even though no one remembered her, no one asked for her and no one said - you know what Alfred needs? A daughter.

Cass? Nowhere.

And now Misfit? A character that sharply divided fans and who even her creator, Gail Simone, said was not a good fit in the Bat-books because of her having super-powers (FYI to those who don’t know: Misfit/Charlie was DC/Didio’s first choice to take the Batgirl mantle from Cass and was it was only after Gail said no they moved to Steph) is back?

WTF? The most successful (in terms of sales) Asian heroine (or hero for that matter) in terms of sales in the history of DC Comics. One of the few people of color in the entire Bat-Family (and the only one adopted by Bruce Wayne). Also one of the few successful (along with Kyle Rayner and I would argue Connor Hawke) non-Superman characters created by DC in the Xtreme 90s-era to have a lasting fanbase. Where is she?

Nowhere? This despite virtually every single person who has been writing the Bat-books before and after the reboot (except perhaps Peter Tomasi, who was Adam Beechan’s editor and had a hand in Evil!Cass) going on record as wanting to write her AND having stories for her.

Explain someone. Tell how me keeping her out of the comics ISN’T personal for a certain someone *cough*Dan Didio*cough* (which is the only explanation that makes logical sense). I’d really love to hear alternative explanations.

I mean JULIA PENNYWORTH before Cassandra Cain? Really? 

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The Many Faces of Batman

Lewis Wilson - Batman 1943 (serial)

Robert Lowery - Batman and Robin 1949 (serial)

Adam West - Batman: The Movie 1966

Michael Keaton - Batman 1989/Batman Returns

Kevin Conroy - Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Val Kilmer - Batman Forever

George Clooney - Batman & Robin

Christian Bale - Batman Begins/The Dark Knight/The Dark Knight Rises

Nice photo set for Batman day.

We all know the Adam West version is totally the best…

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So, to be clear. After all they’ve done for Gotham, the hundreds if not thousands of lives they’ve saved over the years…

Cass Cain can just be summed up as the fake “mopey one”, while Barbara Gordon had an epic rack and was the “real” Batgirl.


Can’t say I’m too surprised about Cass not being the ~real~ Batgirl, considering who’s the writer for this issue. (◡‿◡✿) 

Ms. Simone you seem like a usually nice person but you really got problems understanding what makes a hero ‘real’ or not.

It should be pointed out that just because a character said it, doesn’t necessarily make it the actual point of view of the creator. Hence why my comment was aimed more at the citizens of Gotham not Gail Simone.

It should also be pointed out that “citizens of Gotham” are fictional characters and they’re not in control of their opinions and actions, which are in fact being written by someone else.

Sure it may not be the point of view of the creator, but doesn’t make it any less of a dick move.

I’m also not happy with this real Batgirl junk. They are ALL real Batgirls. Like was Dick the ONLY Robin? The Tim Stan’s would have my head for saying such a thing. Sure Barbara created Batgirl but, the women after her had HER stamp of approval to take up the role. I know DC is trying to cute shit up to keep up with Marvel but, Marvel ALWAYS had cute stuff way before MCU cash cow pushed the comics into new directions. DC always did it’s best work with everything sucks all the time. It’s why I preferred it until new 52 caused me to see red with almost all of it’s choices for my favorite characters. I just hope the Gotham show is successful enough to make the Bat writers see the light.

Evidently a lot of the reason why the new 52 version of Batgirl was so grimdark and miserable was due to pressure from some of the editors (those same editors that tried to fire Simone due to the conflict her views on how the series should go versus what they thought that people wanted). Said editors have left now (gone to Marvel infact), but not before Simone herself quit the book.

The new direction of not just the Batgirl book but also new series’ like Gotham Academy (which is aimed at younger girls, a category DC said in an interview they were deliberately ignoring around the time of the reboot, as they considered their audience to be men aged 18 to 30), seems to imply that DC is trying to get back on track…

…if it wasn’t for crap like the new artist of Wonder Woman saying stupid stuff like “she’ll be strong, but not a feminist”. Though this might be due to the seemingly increasing number of people not understanding what the word “feminism” means.

I would like to point out to everyone that Gail has, since day one, been trying to bring Cass and Steph back. Steph came back, though not under her, but if you watch her tumblr and twitter feeds, she’s still trying to get Cass back. She loves the characters, and wants to use them.

To her, ALL Batgirls are her babies.

I don’t think these are Gail’s own thoughts on the matter (“mopey” vs “real”) but I have no doubt they reflect the thinking of DC Editorial. The contempt Editorial has for Cassandra Cain has been clear for years (and the reasons still unknown) and Didio in particular does not even bother to hide it anymore. I know many writers (including those in Snyder’s inner circle) wanted to bring Cass back (Snyder even wanted her in the first issue of the reboot) but they are obviously not the ones running things.

After all, this issue of BoP was written before the reboot. The reboot happens and we get official press releases by DC trumpeting the return of the “one true” “iconic” Batgirl. Basically DC became a parody of one of their own comics. The other Batgirls? Never existed. They weren’t “real”. Though apparently four male Robins were.

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imageAdam Beechen himself responded to one one of my Tumblr responses about Cass Cain. Makes me feel more than a little bad about it that people are still on him about a “8 year old comic” (and by “people” I mean me).

I tweeted him back that I actually liked some of his Teen Titans Go and JLU work and that most people actually blamed Editorial and not him. It’s just that his “8 year old comic” was the start of 8 years where Cass Cain has been declared “toxic” by DC Editorial for some reason and they have come up time and time again with reasons to slight the character (yes because all 4 male Robins needed their own BOOKS in the reboot but Batman’s adopted daughter who is a WoC in a mostly white world - and the one protege most like him - has still not existed two years into the DCnU). None of which is Beechen’s fault - but if we have to go back to when it all started it all goes back to that “8 year old comic”.

Also, in Beechen’s defense, he has always manned up and taken responsibility for Evil!Cass even though we all know it was an Editorial decision handed to him (even if he decided the Dragon Lady direction). No one at DC Editorial (like Beechen’s editors, Eddie Berganza and Peter Tomasi who still work at DC) has ever taken responsibility or even talked about it. Didio has even jokingly blamed Beechen as the man who “ruined Cass Cain” at conventions (and we all know it was ultimately Didio’s decision). Now that’s shady.

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Ollie Queen piles on the charm by attempting to murder Cass for her numerous murders whilst brainwashed… apparently the hypocrisy of this course of action (particularly has Ollie has both killed people in the past while in control of his faculities and would go on to kill others in the future) doesn’t occur to Mr Queen.

Particularly baffling is that this isn’t the first team that Cass and Ollie were together on, as they were both in JLElite together back in the day. Hell, I’m pretty sure he was the one Bruce told Cass’ secret to at the time as well.

From Batman and the Outsiders

Can we also include the fact that Ollie voted to mindwipe Bruce and lied about it (to Bruce’s face) or years and years (an incident which somehow only stuck to Zatanna). I figure that means Ollie owes Bruce FOREVER.

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