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Jenna: We’ve asked the audience this question a lot, and why people like it and what is it that appeals to you? And actually, we’ve had so many responses that are all… so different. From: because it gives me hope, because it got me a fiance, because it’s adventure and I’d like to think that I can go on that journey too. Maybe that is one of the things that is so special about Doctor Who, it’s this thing of having these infinite possibilities. Each individual can find something for them in it.

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Cassandra Cain Has Emotions!!! ( 6/? )

AHA! I knew there was a meme on deviantArt from my old artsy fartsy days that would be of benefit.

Yeah I could definitely go on and on with the fact that baby girl has emotions, but I don’t need to. She does. She so does.

The only one on here I fudged was “Drunk” — because Cass was never completely drunk on panel. The one time she was incidentally exposed to Soul not withstanding, of course.

But yes. There you go.

And do enjoy the hilarity of some of Cass’ expressions because omg they’re so great.

May it never again be said that Cass was “unrelatable” because of her cowl. That she was the “mopey moody Batgirl.” May her expressiveness and range be celebrated!

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Batgirl Is A Phenomenon
from Robin 088 2001-05 digital

This is the oft posted “Become Faster” sequence in max tumblr resolution with a digital source. It perfectly captures Cassandra (skilled, intense, blunt) and Stephanie’s (a novice, upbeat, uncertain) characters.

The stinger at the end is a great example of Bruce showing paternal pride in Cass:
Steph: Will I ever be that good?
Batman: Honestly? Probably not. Batgirl is a phenomenon.

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he was the daughter of an  Emperor”

The tallest, slenderest and most elegant of the sisters, Tatiana had rich auburn hair and deep gray eyes. She was organized, energetic and purposeful and held strong opinions. ‘You felt that she was the daughter of an Emperor,’ declared an officer of the Imperial Guard. In public, Grand Duchess Tatiana regularly outshone her older sister. Her piano technique was better than Olga’s although she practiced less and cared less. With her good looks and self-assurance, she was far more anxious than Olga to go out into society. Among the five children, it was Tatiana who made the decisions, her younger sisters and brother called her ‘the Governess.’ If a favor was needed, all the children agreed that ‘Tatiana must ask Papa to grant it.’

Robert K. Massie, Nicholas & Alexandra

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"He shut himself up in his room for whole days, weeping, walking, breaking his pens, repeating and altering a bar a hundred times, writing and effacing it as many times, and recommencing the next day with a minute and desperate perseverance. He spent six weeks over a single page to write it at last as he had noted it down at the very first."

Mason Currey
Mason Currey - Daily Rituals: How Artists WorkDaily Rituals: How Artists Work
(Via Micah Christensen)

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Doctor Who - Into the Dalek - Quick Thoughts…

Slightly better than episode 1. Capaldi is definitely darker, though why exactly that is I’m still confused by. Doctor regenerations are usually a reaction to the one who directly before them and 11 could get VERY dark when he wanted. 

Moffat can’t write romantic comedy (if that’s what he was going for with Clara/Pink) to save his life. The whole talking to himself while Clara’s Manic Pixie Dream Girl (and let’s face that’s exactly how Moffat writes her)hears everything is so…unrealistic even for nuWho in terms of human interaction.

In addition, the Doctor hating Daleks with the fervor of the Daleks is absolutely nothing new and has explored countless times - including by Moffat himself! Does the Doctor himself not remember this? Or how about Oswin the Dalek, even if Clara doesn’t recall that life, the Doctor does yet…not even a mention.

Also, some of the Doctor’s greatest friends with UNIT, particularly the one and only Brigadier (the person who known the greatest number of incarnations of the Doctor) was a soldier. So I don’t get it…

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So I came across this ‘fun fact’: the tempo of music can affect one’s heart rate. In other words, our heart rate matches the tempo of the song we’re listening to.

I wonder if Cain ever let Cass listen to any music. He probably used it only as a training tool. It was when Cass joined the batfam that she was truly able to listen to music for her own enjoyment. Tim was the one to discover this, and made a list of song recommendations for her. Bruce was the one who bought Cass her first set of headphones and a new ipod. He told her that fact I mentioned, and encouraged her to sometimes use music as an alternative to meditation, when she’s stressed. 

Ok I made up that headcannon just so I have an excuse to draw Cass feeling her heart beat while listening to this song.

Full resolution here.

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